Products and Partners

Lab Equipment and Solution

HTDS/PerkinElmer/Waters Corporation/ThermoFisher Scientific

PerkinElmer Products: FTIR NIR spectrometer, STRIDE radiodetection/identification beacon, Pyroelectric detector, Laser diode. Gas chromatography, Analytical balance, Karl Fischer, Granulometer etc.

Waters Products: Xevo TQ-GC, ACQUITY UPLC M-Class System, ACQUITY Arc UHPLC, ACQUITY Arc Bio System etc.

ThermoFisher Products: Antibodies& Immunoassays, Cell Culture& Reagents, Chromatography Columns, Resins & Spin Filters, Drug Discovery Assays, Gels& Membranes, Instruments& Equipment, Lab Reagents& Chemicals, Lab Supplies, Plastics & Glassware, Cloning& Gene Synthesis, Software& Digital Storage etc.

Compressors and Cranes

Kobelco/Kobelco Steel

Kobelco Products: Screw Gas Compressors (API 619), Centrifugal Gas Compressors (API 617), Reciprocating Gas Compressors, Standard Screw Air Compressor (Non-API), Cranes, Steel casting and forgings, Welding materials and Copper sheet.

Ball and Gate Valves

MIR Valves

Products: MV1 Top-Entry, MV3 Side-Entry,MV5 Fully-Welded, MV3-CP Compact, MV7-P Through-Conduit Gate Valves, MV7-F Through-Conduit Gate Valves, MV7-C Through-Conduit Gate Valves, MIR HIPPS SYSTEMS, MV9 Top-Entry,MV11 Side-Entry,MV13 Through-Conduit Gate Valves,MV4-MV14 DBB, Ball Valve, Swing Check Valve

Chemicals & Consumables

Inorganic Ventures

Temperature Sensors


Products: Heaters, Sensors, Control, Circuits

Sandblasting and Protective Coatings, Inspection and Testing


Products: Corrosion Protection, Industrial Painting, Abrasive Blasting, Concrete Rehabilitation, Scaffolding, Denso Steel Protection, HP&UHP Cleaning, Industrial Sheeting, Hot & Cold Insulation, Fire Protection etc.

Energy Products

Distribution Now

Products: Artificial Lift, Drilling Products, Electrical, Fabricated Process Equipment, Fittings, Flanges, Gaskets & Fasteners, Instrumentation, Machine Tools

Coaching & Training

KornFerry/Watershed Associate